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Contributors and Experts

With our stellar group of media experts, as well as our irreplaceable experts on subjects spanning from homeless youth to suicidality to human trafficking, we are honored to thank each of them for their help in building our projects for educators, medical professionals and law enforcement.


Charity Parenzin(i)

Creator/CEO and Speaker


Dr. Jim Mazza, PhD

Expert in Suicidality


Lois Thetford - PA-C

Expert in Homeless Youth


Dr. Alok Patel

Pediatrician and Human Rights Advocate and Speaker

Charity Parenzini is a media producer, writer and actor who turned her artistic bent toward helping find a voice for human trafficking victims in the U.S. She feels everyone has a part to play in this fight and hopes others will use their talents and skills to help end this horrific human atrocity.


Dr. Mazza is an expert in adolescent mental health issues and has focused much of his research on suicidal behavior and a “multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) that emphasize the need to provide school-based mental health services and SEL programs to all students as part of their education.” He is currently a Professor of Educational Psychology in the College of Education at the University of Washington. Dr. Mazza is also the co-owner of Mazza Consulting and Psychological Services with his wife, Elizabeth.


With over 23 years of experience working with homeless youth and battered women and children, Lois is also a founder of the 45th Street Clinic in Seattle. She is known for going to people “where they are, earning the trust of those hardest to reach, meeting them with respect, opening doors to health and housing.” A former instructor at several institutions including Cornell University, Ft. Steliacoom Community Colleges, and Seattle midwifery School/Bastyr University, Lois now lectures at the University of Washington’s MEDEX NW program. In 2013 Lois Thetford was the recipient of the MEDEX Lifetime Achievement Award.


Pediatrician and Human Rights Advocate and Speaker- Dr. Alok Patel sincerely feels that public messaging should shock, awe, and motivate. Of all the topics that concern him, sex trafficking in minors sits the highest and keeps him awake at night. As a pediatrician, he is seeking to bridge the gap between physician knowledge, public awareness, and the underworld of sex trafficking.  You can keep up with him at



Guy Baker

Task Force Officer on FBI Safe Streets Task Force


Paul Quattrocchi

Videographer, Editor, Sound Engineer


Brent O'Connor

DP and Videographer


Matt Kinsey

IT Consultant - Musician, Scrum Master

A multi-award winning police Detective, including Victim Service Award form the US Attorney’s Officer and the Directors Award from the FBI, Guy has been a detective for over eighteen years, working violent crime and being the lead investigator on over 900 state and federal criminal cases. He specializes in sex trafficking investigations and is a member of the United States Attorneys Office Human Trafficking Task Force for the District of Montana.

Paul initially learned the love of film under, Hummie Mann and award-winning producer/director Michael Lienau. He has since worked with brands such as Nickelodeon, BRAVO, Machinima, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Hilton Hotels, and Four Seasons Resorts. Paul currently splits his time between L.A., Hawaii, and Seattle working as a freelance filmmaker in film, television and corporate media.


Brent has been working in radio, television, photography, web, and marketing since he was first hired as a radio announcer and DJ in 1992. His passion for helping people has made this project a good fit for his skill set as he strives to help others through the media he is helping create. To learn more about Brent and his work visit his company site at:

Father of seven children, Matt has a passion for seeing kids healed and whole. It is his desire to use his talents and education to help change the world. He feels media and creativity can do that.


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