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We make media. You save lives.

Help empower yourself.  Help empower others.

Supporting us has never been easier. After reading the initiatives and support opportunities below, simply click "donate" and choose the amount you want to give. Every gift is greatly appreciated and, thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Creative Networks, your donation is tax deductible.

(Note: If you do not see an amount you wish to give, you can type in an amount of your

choice on the donation page - linked to when you hit "donate"). 


Organizational Support

Your donation will go to help cover administrative costs, online services, supplies, printing and travel to meetings with organizational and community experts.


Staff Training Webinar

This donation amount covers the cost for a hospital, police department or school to download a staff training webinar and all written/tangible study materials.


Scholarship a School, Hospital or Police Department

By contributing $500 you can empower us to offer a scholarship opportunity to a school, hospital or law enforcement community to have a live CME or training.


Expert or Survivor Interview

From task force members to human trafficking survivors, doctors to civil leaders, we are joining forces with a powerhouse of experts to create our media which can then be made available to educate front-liners around the country.



Community Contributor

We are looking for 100 people to pledge to donate $25 a month for the next 24 months. These resources will go directly to produce mobile media and downloadable resources for medical personnel and law enforcement.


Become a Partner

We are looking for 50 people who can partner with us for $50 a month. These on-going support will help us reach our goal of educating 100,000 doctors, law enforcement officers and teachers in 2019.


Survivor Story

We are looking for 20 people, organizations or families to donate $100 a month for the next 24 months. These funds will help maintain all our monthly administrative costs.


Executive Producer

We are looking for 20 people, organizations or families to donate $500 a month to sponsor our key media production costs including the building of our online media hub.

With your help we, together, are empowering a significant change in the fight against human trafficking. You are as much a part of this solution as we are. Thank you for being a part of the fight to rescue lives and change victims into survivors.

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