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Infographic of "How Traffickers Maintain Control" -
This infographic is helpful to understand the control of traffickers as well as "why victims stay". We consider this useful for all professional groups and community members who wish to better understand trafficking.

Guide to Recognizing Human Trafficking in Your Neighborhood
A short list for your to kickstart neighborhood and community awareness. 

Guide for Parents and Guardians on How to Prevent Online Grooming
A simplified version of our live class about online grooming. To learn more or take out class, visit our classes page. Or find our channel on Youtube.

Five Tips for Parents to Keep Kids Safe Online
Know who is after your kids (or grandkids or students) and keep them far away.

Three Main Types of Traffickers/Pimps
(know your enemy - their tactics, M.O., and "locations")

Terms from "The Life" - Common Terms Used in Sex Trafficking (useful for Medical Professionals, teachers, law enforcement, counselors, parents).

Guide "Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect: Protecting Kids and Teens from Exploitation" -
This guide (which parallels our live presentation with the same title) teaches parents and caregivers the parameters of child abuse and neglect, how these actions affect a child or teen and why abused and neglected children are far more vulnerable to further abuses including exploitation and human trafficking.