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Facebook Live is Coming!

In addition to more video posts and starting our podcast, we are going to create a heck of an exciting weekly/bi-weekly Facebook live presentation starting NEXT FRIDAY, May 10th. We will be streaming at noon mountain time (11:00 AM on the West Coast, 2:00 PM on the East Coast). It will be fast - about 20-30 minutes - we realize you need to get back to work. Our goal is to give information and LISTEN to you and your concerns.

Our first topic will be three key physical indicators of human trafficking. We will explain these indicators and leave a little bit of time for questions live. However, after the FB live, we will do our best to field questions in the feed OR use them for our next week FB live.

To keep up to date on the when and where of these talks happen, sign up for our resources. We will send out resources as well as let you know when FB lives, Instagram videos and other happenings are... happening.


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